After BTS, These K Pop Bands Likely to Disband or Renew

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We all know, K-Pop groups are formed on a contractual basis. And after ending the contract they have the opportunity to disband or renew the contract. Many of the groups which debuted from 2013 to 2016 have ended their contracts now. And yet to decide whether they will continue to work as a group or disband. 

Check out some of  the K-Pop groups whose contracts have ended and  some who have renewed:


K-pop popular girl group BLACKPINK ended their contract in 2020. The group debuted in the year 2015. And in 2022, they renewed their contract and started working as a group again.


The group has not made any official statement about their comeback as of now. But fans suspect that even after the group makes their comeback, Cha Eun Woo might leave the band and focus on his acting career. 

3. NCT

NCT was divided into three subunits. Two of the NCT subunits NCT-127 and NCT-Dream are expected to renew their contract in 2023. 


The girl group has seen many setbacks. Already two members of the group have left the group. The group is now struggling with six members only. The group’s contract will end in 2023. 


This boy band renewed its contract In 2022. 


PENTAGON fans have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of the group's comeback. They are yet to make any announcements.


According to reports, the contract for WJSN will end in February 2023. 

8. SF9

The boy band is already in its seventh year. We need to wait for further information on whether the band is going to renew its contract or disband. 

9. BTS

BTS members are said to make their comeback in 2025. 

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