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Banner: Bhadra Praoductions 
Cinema: Thaggedele
Release: November 4, 2022
Producers: Prem Kumar Pandey, PV Subbarao Reddy 
Director: Srinivas Raju 
Actors: Naveen Chandra, Divya Pillai, Ananya Sen Guptha Nagababu. Danny Kuttappa, Ravi Kale, Makarand Desh Pandey, Ayyappa P Sharma,  Pooja Gandhi, Raja Ravindra, Ravi Shanker 

Camera: Venkat Prasad
Editing: Garry BH

Director Srinivas Raju is known for the rustic and bold Dandupalyam. Now, he is back with a film named Thaggedhe Le, featuring Naveen Chandra, Makrand Deshpande, and Pooja Gandhi and others. The film trailer, teaser and posters received a positive response from movie buffs. Now that the film is out, how is it? Here we tell you in this review. 

Plot: Eshwar (Naveen Chandra) is a software employee, who marries his 'maradalu' Devi ( Divya Pillai). Before his wedding, he had a fling with Lizy (Ananya Sengupta), a liberal-mind modern woman whom he met at an experimental 'ashram'.

Soon after his wedding, Lizy makes a wild card entry, stunning him and threatening to reveal his affair to his wife. Who is Lizy? What’s the story between Lizy and Eshwar? 

Meanwhile, Eshwar finds a dead body in his home. Top cop Chalapathi (Ravi Shankar) detains Eshwar on the suspicion that Eshwar is the murderer. The rest of the film is about the actual events that happened in Eshwar's life and the revenge exerted by the Dandupalyam batch, a group of savage convicts known for committing heinous crimes. 

Performances: Naveen Chandra has given a terrific performance in the lead role. He gets into the skin of his character. Divya Pillai is beautiful in the traditional girl's role, but doesn't get to enact much. It is a delight to watch Dandupalyam gang members, especially Pooja Gandhi, Makarand, and Michael. Ananya Sengupta is hot but her lip sync is not right. 

What's hot: 

The Dandupalyam scenes are executed well. The background music is a big plus point during these segments. 

The cinematographer, editing and production values are praiseworthy. At about 120 minutes, the film is not too long. So, Editor Garry BH knew his job. 

Choosing Ravi Shankar and making him a lead man is also a clever idea that can work for those who like cop investigative thrillers. The interval bang works because of the Dandupalyam connection. 

What's not:

The family scenes between the married couple and Lizy are not strongly written. There is an unnecessary dose of steamy moments as well. 

Naga Babu's character as a fake Godman is badly written.

The drug trade track is not executed well. 

Verdict: Thaggedhe Le is a thriller movie that works to an extent. There is plenty of violence and also adult content. Watch it if you don't mind those elements.

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