Mother Sparsh Kickstarts Battle Postpartum Blues MomYouAreNotAlone Campaign for New Mothers

 - Sakshi Post

One of India’s supernal baby and mother care brands Mother Sparsh has kickstarted #MomYouAreNotAlone campaign to spread awareness and promote conversations on postpartum blues. While statistics suggest that nearly 7 out of every 10 mothers globally battle postpartum blues, more worrisome is the fact that most new moms feel that seeking professional treatment for their woes is unwarranted. The campaign has been launched by Mother Sparsh to end the stigma around the issue and converse in a place of refuge that helps women comprehend their emotions even better.

“Post childbirth when new moms begin to heal and their bodies adjust to not being pregnant, it is referred to as the postpartum period. Most vulnerable phase for a woman, the postpartum period, often interferes with their ability to take care of themselves or their little ones. This is where they require a shoulder to lean on or at least an assurance that their pain points are being taken cognizance of. We intend to do precisely that and touch the lives of at least 1 million new moms through #MomYouAreNotAlone, which also happens to be a manifestation of our commitment towards fulfilling our social responsibility,” said Mother Sparsh co-founder and CEO Dr Himanshu Gandhi.

“To make the campaign more informative and interactive, we have collaborated with noted Maternal Child Wellness Coach & Activist Dr Mahima Bakshi, who has designed the campaign to refrain all moms from neglecting their emotions and feelings,” he further said, adding that the campaign roadmap for the non-monetized activity includes engagement with celebrities, mom influencers and a large pool of micro as well as macro influencers.

The cause and initiative would be supported on Mother Sparsh website and different social media platforms through periodical live sessions & incorporation in social media activities. The campaign takes into account the learning that postpartum mental illness or blues does not relate to a singular experience. Rather, it is a culmination of different disorders with specific symptomatology, with a range of behavioral, cognitive and physical experiences.

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