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By Shyamala Tulasi

CBSE BOARD EXAM 2022:  Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, has released its term 2 examinations date sheet for classes 10 and 12 recently.

Exam season can be quite hectic for students to manage their time and preparation. as exams are around the corner, perfect planning is needed.

And where mathematics is a triggering subject for many students, so it's not that easy for someone to fall in love with maths overnight.  So here are a few tips to score well in Mathematics.


Do not wait till the day before the exam to prepare, since maths is a very broad subject which cannot be covered over a day, everyone should start preparations beforehand. which means like 6 months before at least. Systematic planning and execution are necessary.

Give time for hard ones:

Most students will leave the toughest part aside and start focusing on the easiest one, but that shouldn't be the process. You should give equal time for all, and most probably for the hard one to get a detailed conceptualization of it.

Pen it down:

Most students tend to read it out and never want to practice it or write it down. But maths is something you should always keep on practising. And the formulas should be written in a separate book to revise it whenever you wanted.


There are always a few important steps in every maths problem, which give you the proper solution. So, one should note down the steps for every problem. keep a track of it, which could be helpful for you to get a solution easily.

Graphs and Constructions:

Another most important part to gain good marks is making good graphs and constructions of a specific problem. To get it done easily do not forget to carry your scale, pencil, sharpener and eraser. And one needs to ensure that the graph-related questions are done in a sequence manner also never forget to attach graph paper at the end.

Helpful Sample Papers:

The papers of previous years and sample papers would definitely do good help in practice, the more you do them, the more you know the pattern. Also solving sample papers also help to manage time during the exams.

Revise and Re-do:

The more you revise, the more you remember.  And the revision should start from the root of the subject. The Root of the subject means even a simple calculation or formula shouldn't be left out. And one should cover each and every aspect of the syllabus, which makes you finally ready for the exam.

Keep your paper clean:

Most of the cut down the mistaken parts in the paper, which makes the paper to look ugly, which also creates a negative impact for the person whoever correcting your paper. So make sure not to have cross marks on your paper. And keep separate paper for rough works like calculations rather than doing it beside every problem.

Do not Stress much:

Once you start practising math, then you know the ease of doing it.  Manage your time for more practice and try to concentrate on classes that are being taught, so it will get away from your maximum stress which also makes practice easy.

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