DO NOT Attempt This On Your Wedding Day!

Newly Wedded Stunt Couple Plan Dramatic Exit By Setting Themselves On Fire - Sakshi Post

A newlywed couple planned a dramatic exit from their wedding reception and staged a stunt that involved deliberately setting themselves on fire and exiting from the venue as per tradition. In a video shared by an American wedding photographer named Kate Dye recently on TikTok showed a newly wedded bride and groom walking down after setting themselves on fire.

The couple in question were professional stuntmen and body doubles named Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr. While most couples are showered with confetti or rice by guests as they leave the ceremony they chose to do it in the Hollywood style.

Apparently, Gabe and Ambyr met each other while working as stunt people on the set of Hollywood films hence this outrageous stunt which thankfully went well and the fire was extinguished within minutes of the dramatic exit.

In a video captioned 'when stunt people marry' and uploaded to TikTok by DJ and wedding photographer Russ Powell, Ambyr can be seen brandishing a flaming bouquet of flowers that quickly spreads over the back of the bride and groom, who continue walking on, waving to the guests in attendance who can be heard cheering.

The clip has been viewed over 13 million times on TikTok, and has raised both positive and negative comments from viewers in the process. Powell clarified that there was no danger involved as they both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, and the bride had a wig on top.A person holding a fire extinguisher was also present when the stunt was performed to avoid any untoward incident on their special day.

However, this stunt should definitely not be attempted by untrained professionals and certainly not on a wedding day! (Inputs from Ladbible)

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