Giant Rock Falls on Tourists at Furnas Lake in Brazil

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A tragic incident happened in Brazil. A rock wall fell on the tourist motorboats below a waterfall in Sul Minas, killing at least seven people and injuring nine others.

The event occurred at Capitolio Canyons, a major tourist attraction in the state of Minas Gerais.

Videos of this incident went viral on social media. It is clearly seen in the video that a tower of rocks separated from the cliff wall and fell on two boats, causing a large wave to surge over the lake.

Based on reports, three people were missing, and others were found through phones.

The injured were sent to nearby hospitals. Many people had fractured bones, and one person was in critical condition in the hospital due to head and face injuries. According to officials, at least 23 additional people were treated for minor injuries.

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On the other hand, the region has been experiencing considerable rainfall for the past two weeks, which may have loosened the rock face. However, the Brazilian Navy announced it would launch an investigation into the circumstances of the disaster.

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