Putin's Party Claims Sweeping Victory in Russia's Parliamentary Elections Marred by Fraud

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Mostly all the votes have been counted and in the end, the United Russia party had received nearly 50% of the vote, a minor decrease from the previous election. There were claims of ballot stuffing and forced voting, and Mr. Putin's most vocal detractors were prevented from competing. The Russian electoral body dismissed allegations of election fraud.

Now that most of the votes have been counted, nearly 99% that is, the Communist Party was said to have gotten 19% of those votes, confirmed the election commission. United Russia coming to power would mean their victory with more than two-thirds of the 450 seats.

United Russia is getting good votes this election. Almost 50% of the votes are not bad but it is certainly less when compared to their run in 2016. In 2016, they won 54% of the vote. There is a slight drop since then.

As per the Associated Press news agency, leader Gennady Zyuganov has alleged illegal activities including ballot-stuffing. The Communists support Putin and his ideas in the parliament but that is not the same for their leader. Ella Pamfilova, the head of Russia's Electoral Commission said that the final results will be announced this coming Friday. 

There have been issues over living standards, as well as claims of corruption leveled by imprisoned Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny, which have harmed support for Mr. Putin's party. Many Russians, on the other hand, support him and his ideas, especially with the West and standing up to them. Putin recently expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone who put their belief in them. He thanked the voters.

But in the end, it is still an issue regarding the violation allegations. The independent vote monitoring group Golos has said that they received as many as 5,000 reports alleging possible voting violations this time. Russia's interior ministry, on the other hand, said they did not register any such complaints.

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