Tale of Nine Tailed Returns with A New Season

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The fantasy-romantic drama's prequel takes place in 1938, the year that Japan conquered Korea. The newest episode of the 12-episode K-fantasy drama marks a return. Two of the show's episodes were shown on television, and it set new records for viewership.

Tale of Nine Tailed 1938, starring Lee Dong-Wook and Kim Bum, is now available on Amazon Prime Video. This drama serves as a prelude to Tale of Nine Tailed, which debuted in 2020. 

The plot opens with an unexpected case sending Lee Yeon traveling back to 1938 when he runs upon Ryu Hong Joo once more. She used to be the western mountain's guardian spirit, but today she runs a posh restaurant in Gyeongseong, the capital city. He also meets Lee Rang, his younger brother. Cheon Moo Young, an ex-friend and another former guardian spirit has turned hostile in the meantime. Lee Yeon finds it difficult to get back to the present and his loved one.

The era and politics of the setting are established in the first two episodes. After a short while, the audience realizes what the conflict of interest in the drama will be. Although it's possible that many international viewers are unaware of Korean history, this makes it difficult for them to relate to the show at first. 

The makers wasted little time in reinstating characters who appeared in the first season. They put a lot of effort into generating interest and developing the plot.

The first episode's exciting progress has the audience thrilled, and they are eager to see how the plot progresses. It is unclear whether "Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938" will continue to enjoy the love and support of the viewing public despite the show's positive reviews and excellent ratings so far.

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