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From the beginning, the makers of Sakala Gunabhi Rama have billed their movie as an out-and-out family entertainer with a heart-touching climax. At its heart, the film showcases the relationship between a husband and wife. Director Veligonda Srinivas injects entertaining and youthful elements into the first half. As for the second half, it is where the core plot comes into play. Where the film delves into the emotional relationship between a married couple, it gets its point across. VJ Sunny (of Bigg Boss fame) plays the male lead, while Aashima is seen as his wife. Shritej and Taruni Singh get substantial roles. 

Here is our review of the Sanjeev Reddy Vaddi-produced movie: 


Ram (VJ Sunny as a software employee) and Swathi (Aashima as a housewife) are a young couple. The disloyal Ram seeks to enter into an extramarital affair. To fund his bad habits, he borrows large sums from a goon. An illicit affair with a woman (Taruni Singh) spells trouble in his life. How he manages to extricate himself from the mess is what the film is about. 

Debuant hero VJ Sunny looks good and also comfortable in his skin. His acting skills are up to the mark. His dancing skills show that he is an earnest performer. The budding actor shoulders the film with grace.

As for Aashima, she is beautiful and shows ease. Her innocuous face is attractive. Taruni Singh is gorgeous. Her oomph could well impress the youngsters out there. Her scenes in the second half are well-written as well. Shritej is perfectly cast as a baddie who shows aggression. Sarayu, Mahesh Vitta and Chamak Chandra have got some funny parts. 

Music by Anudeep Dev is the biggest technical highlight of the film. The songs sound not only good but are also well-picturized. The background score has taken this film to the next level. The cinematography by Nalinikanth Kondapalli is spot-on. The locations and shots are quite natural. 

The editing by Venkat and the screenplay by Banu and Nandu are effective. The production values are rich enough. The dialogues are emotional where required. 

What works: VJ Sunny's performance, songs, background score, dialogues, comedy track and climax. A Victory Venkatesh doing a film of this sort would have given it a big scale. 

Sakala Gunabhi Rama is a complete family entertainer with entertainment and emotions as its plus points. The family scenes towards the climax are winsome.

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