Rayalaseema was never the first choice for film shootings: Producer, Director Mahi V. Raghav

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" If my intention is not to develop and contribute to my region, I would have asked for a place to build a studio in Hyderabad or Vizag. Why would I want to build a studio at Madanapalle, which is considered a backward area.", asks Filmmaker Mahi V. Raghav. His directorial 'Yatra 2' is currently running in cinemas. A section of the media accused him of getting benefitted with two acres of land at Horsley Hills, Madanapalle by Andhra Pradesh Government for making 'Yatra 2'. Mahi V. Raghav has responded and clarified these allegations. In his words...

" I have been working as a writer, producer, and director in the film industry for 16 years. I made my debut in films in 2008. I have established Moon Water Pictures and Three Autumn Leaves production houses. I am quite familiar as a Producer and Director in the industry. I have made films, 'Village Lo Vinayakudu', 'Kudirite Cuppu Coffee', ' Paathasala', 'Anando Brahma', ' Yatra', 'Siddha Lokam Ela Undi', 'Yatra 2' and web series, 'Save The Tigers' and 'Saithaan'. I was born and brought up in Madanapalle which is a part of the Rayalaseema Region. I have completed my studies also in my hometown. Rayalaseema Region doesn't have much importance in the film industry. No one shows interest in shooting films in this area. Among my projects, Anando Brahma and Save The Tigers were not filmed at Rayalaseema. I shot 'Paathasala', 'Yatra 2', 'Siddha Lokamela Undi', and 'And Saithaan' in the Rayalaseema Region. In the last two years, 'Saithaan', 'Yatra 2', and 'Siddha Lokamela Undi' were almost shot in Madanapalle and Kadapa areas only. I have sent 20 - 25 Crores over these three projects. The reason behind this is, I want to contribute to the place where I was born and brought up. That's why I have spent my hard-earned money at my birthplace. By shooting films over there, locals will benefit as lodges, hotels, food, and juniors are needed while shooting these films. During this journey, I have decided to build a mini studio in Rayalaseema. I intend to help the local people with this studio. 

Those who have any common sense can think about this and can understand. I haven't asked for 50 or 100 acres for the sake of Studio construction. I wanted to build a mini studio on only 2 acres. It would be helpful to those who wanted to shoot a film or web series and also the locals benefit from these shoots. Basic amenities will be available to do shootings at this place. What is wrong with this? Those who don't want to do anything will never do. During all these years, no one came forward from the industry for the betterment of Rayalaseema. No one came forward. You don't have any intention to do it and you also don't want anyone to step forward. A section of the media doesn't even think about this. Their favorable Government provided lands to their people wherever they asked. No one questions about this. But, they are doing ruckus when I want to build a mini studio on two acres in my area so that it would be helpful to local people."

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