Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Thamarai Eliminated This Week

 - Sakshi Post

Another piece of breaking news for Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 viewers. Rumors are going around on social media platforms that Thamarai has been evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house. 

However, there's is no official confirmation on this. We have to wait for an official announcement. The news of Thamarai's elimination has shocked the audience. As we said earlier, Thamarai is one of the deserving contestants to enter the finale round and was in the top three positions. Thamarai has gained huge fame outside the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house, which even she did not expected. In the money task, Thamarai chose the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 trophy over the cash of Rs 12 lakhs with full confidence. However, now with her ouster, netizens are feeling sorry for Thamarai. 

They claim that the makers of Vijay TV and Bigg Boss Tamil 5 purposely eliminated Thamarai in order to save Pavani Reddy. Earlier, voting polls showed Pavani and Niroop were in the danger zone. However, the makers saved Niroop by giving her a finale ticket and Pavani by replacing her elimination with Thamarai. Thamarai gave her best in every task and did not give up even most challenging tasks. She was so clear with her game strategy and unnecessarily did not hurt any contestant. Thamarai was very careful with her statements and words towards other contestants. Even if she did not win a trophy, she won the hearts of Bigg Boss Tamil viewers. Sakshi Post wishes you all the best. 

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