10th Class Diaries Movie Review

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Director: GarudaVega Anji

Producers: Achut Ramarao P, Raviteja Manyam

Music Director: Suresh Bobbili

Starring: Sreeram, Avika Gor, Archana, Srinivasa Reddy, Naazar, Vennela Rama Rao, Shiva Balaji and others.

Release Date: July 1st, 2022

Sreeram and Avika Gor’s 10th Class Diaries released in theatres today, July 1. The film has gathered positive response from all quarters.

Plot:  Somayaji, aka Somu (Sriram), who is settled in the United States is also the CEO of a reputed organization. Despite the money and fame, Sriram is not able to lead a peaceful life. Sriram's wife leaves him and gets married to a foreigner. He is deserted by people all around him and Sriram becomes a loner.

Somu seeks a counselor’s advice for his state of affairs. Somu recalls all the school day moments and shares how he used to love his school friend Chandni( Avika Gor). Based on his counselor's advice he decides to go to India and meet his childhood friends and seek closure.

Somu plans for a school reunion and whether Chandni comes for the reunion or not and whether there is a second chance for Somu’s love life forms the crux of the movie.


Performance: Sriram is back with yet another winner. The clear show-stealer in the film is undoubtedly Sriram. Whether it is his expressions or body language, he adds charm to his role. Avika Gor also excels in her character. The remaining cast also pitches in a decent performance in the film.

Plus Points:

Sriram, Avika Gor’s performances



Minus Points:

There’s a bit of lag in the second half

Rhetorical theme

 Verdict: 10th Class Diaries  movie is worth watching for the romance and funny moments.  
A feel-good film it takes us back to our good old school days.

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