You Can Learn AI, ML, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Analytics in TS Inter Vocational Courses

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Hyderabad: Starting in the next academic year, intermediate students will be able to understand the ins and outs of developing technology.

Six new vocational courses have been suggested by the Department of Intermediate Education, three of which are in the computer science stream and three in the electronics stream.

Cyber-Physical Systems & Security, Cloud Computing & Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are among the courses offered in the computer science programme. The Electronics and Video Engineering Technician, Bio-Medical Engineering Technician, and Embedded System Technician courses have been scheduled as part of intermediate vocational education for the academic year 2022–23 under the electronics stream. The department has submitted a proposal to the state government for approval in this regard.

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The department had previously formed a five-member group made up of topic specialists to finalise the curriculum and produce content for new vocational courses. The six new vocational courses were proposed to be started by a committee that reviewed the nomenclature of new courses, revisions, and compatibility with current industry needs and employability.

From the academic year 2021–to 22, the Department of Technical Education will offer the aforementioned courses to polytechnic students. The Department of Intermediate Education proposed that the government establish new intermediate courses and assist students in pursuing engineering degrees through the lateral entrance option to enhance the lateral mobility of intermediate students to the polytechnic stream.

Buck System (SUBHEAD)

In the meanwhile, the Department of Intermediate Education is looking into implementing a buck system at the intermediate level. Students will be able to select a subject from a pool of options under this approach. CEC students, for example, will be able to drop Civics from their stream and choose another course from the pool, such as Computer Science. "This system will be initially extended to the government junior colleges only," a source stated.

The buck system of courses is now being introduced at degree institutions across the state, primarily in government degree colleges.

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