MBA Students Exam Plea Dismissed by Telangana High Court

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The MBA students' appeal is dismissed by the HC.

Students at Swamy Vivekananda Institute of Technology Secunderabad are in trouble because the college began classes without the approval of JNTU.

Hyderabad: Justice G Radha Rani of the Telangana high court has refused to let students enrolled in MBA (Big Data Analytics) and MBA (Digital Marketing) programmes sit for their first semester exams if their institutions began offering these programmes without first obtaining permission from JNTU.

The judge made this decision while dismissing a case brought by Polkam Karthikeya and 28 other students from Swamy Vivekananda Institute of Technology in Secunderabad, who had begun these courses without JNTU authorisation.

The state administration notified the court that the JNTU had not authorised these two programmes, MBA (Big Data Analytics) and MBA (Marketing) (Digital Marketing). In the case of these courses, they did not provide affiliation to any college.

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According to him, no such approval was granted to the college that enrolled the petitioners.

The college did not apply to the university for specifics of the syllabus for these two courses, according to Justice Radha Rani's decision.

"Even the university was not aware of the syllabus. The university cannot prepare question papers for a subject without knowing the syllabus. No committee from the university visited the college to see the syllabus it was teaching, the teachers, their qualifications, and the other infrastructure required for running these courses," the judge stated.

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