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Hyderabad: A former investment banker with JP Morgan to the corridors of the Indian Parliament, Trinamool Congress MP Mohua Moitra gave a fiery speech at the highest citadels of democracy on June 25, where she listed “danger signs of early fascism in India”.

The speech won applause from many quarters and has also received national as well as international media attention.

Moitra began her speech by accepting the resounding mandate of the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then tore the dispensation apart by pointing out what she called the “seven danger signs of early fascism in this country”.

With such a fiesty speech, it makes us wonder, who is Mohua Moitra?

An investment banker by profession, she worked as the vice-president of JP Morgan and was posted in London and New York.

The 44-year-old politician graduated in Maths and economics from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Fashion magazine Verve in 2015 called her a “stylista” and included her name in the list of the best-dressed people.

She has a penchant for Bobbi Brown eye pencils and Carnation lip colours. Also, she would never wear flats with her sari.

The investment banker who came into politics finds a striking similarity between the two.

"The three important things you need in investment banking are what you need in politics. The first is hard work -- the capacity for both mental and physical labour. The second is self-discipline. Politics is a long road and there are ups and downs. If you're not disciplined, it's easy to lose oneself. And the third is perseverance. In politics, there are many shooting stars but the ones who have tenacity make it," she told a leading news.

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