Land purchased in bits and pieces, registered to aides and proxies

Land purchased in bits and pieces, registered to aides and proxies - Sakshi Post
  • Abundant evidence on Big wigs' land purchases
  • How can a small employee purchase 30 acres of land?... Who is this Pramila who bought 15 acres of land?
  • Who is this proxy 'brother-in-law'?
  • Many parties in Narayana's land purchases
  • Lokesh's highland worth 425 crore
  • Kodela's son purchases 17.3 acres in PA's name
  • Dhulipalla registers Porambaku brook on relative's name
  • Lokesh profits by helping MLA's venture escape land pooling
  • Payyavula Keshav bought 4.09 acres

The details of the Amaravati land scam seem to be getting more murkier with new revelations being unearthed about the way the TDP big wigs went about accumulating land for themselves. The poor farmer is left at a loss, not only in terms of the revenue that he would have accrued had he not parted with the land but also at a loss of words in the way he was deceived to part with his property.

Today, the coterie of ministers, MLAs and close aides of the chief minister that were party to this land scam, stand to benefit hundreds of crores of rupees at the cost of the poor farmers who were scared and scammed out of their lands with lies and false propaganda that the government would soon acquire their lands without even paying compensation.

MLA Narayana picked up even tiny bits of land wherever he could find them in the area that would soon be announced as capital area. Bits of land such as 1 acre, 45 cents, 87 cents were acquired by him at throwaway prices under proxies including his aides, employees and relatives. He was able to pan out his purchases across 29 villages of the capital area. Noticing his enthusiastic penchant, the chief minister decided to engage his skills by giving him the responsibilities of overseeing matters of the capital area. This made Narayana the go-to man for ministers and MLAs who wanted to cash in on the real estate, whose value would soon go sky high.
Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad's son purchased 17.3 acres in the name of his secretary
MLA Dhulipalla Narendra Chowdary had the Porambaku brook registered under proxy relatives for 5 crore.
The big wigs also averted MLA Kommalapati Sridhar's venture from being brought under the land pooling scheme for the capital.
With prior knowledge about where the capital would be formed, MLC Payyavula Keshav purchased land in the name of his son.
While Indra's Amaravati is known as the abode of 'Amrutham', 'Airavatham' and 'Parijaatham', this Chandra's Amaravati is marked by 'benamis', 'land grabbers' and false GPAs that deceived helpless farmers and cheated them of their lands.

Narayana...Narayana !

Purchased: 3,129 acres
Cost: Rs. 432 crore
Present value: Over 10,000 crore

The minister of Municipal Affairs, P. Narayana, who was at the forefront in land pooling was also the front runner in land scams as well. It is no secret that the 'educationist' who until two years ago was managing Narayana schools and colleges, was a big donor to the TDP, for which he was blessed with the MLC and minister posts. Chandrababu instituted him as his primary proxy when he preferred Narayana over the revenue minister as in charge for the land pooling activity.

In his responsibility of overseeing land pooling, in addition to purchasing land in 29 villages, Narayana made extensive surveys in the capital area and conducted village meetings. He started collecting details not only the types of lands available but also of farmers and their financial conditions from TDP village Sarpanches, MPTCs and ZPTCs.

Narayana then began to widely propogate a lie through his followers that the government would not give any compensation for assigned and 'lanka' lands that they would have to part with them for nothing. He then sent his own people to Dalit farmers who had bought this lie and were concerned about their plight and began to negotiate an appropriate price for their lands. He acquired 3,129 acres of land at a price range between 10 to 15 lakhs in the name of his proxies. Since the farmers owned only small bits of land his purchases included bits from 0.25 acre to 1.5 acre.

How the 3,129 acres were purchased...
Narayana seemed to have had his 'educationist' cap on while hatching an intelligent plan to carefully acquire these lands. Narayana paid only an advance of Rs. 2 lakh to the farmers from whom he had agreed to purchase the land through his proxies. Once Chandrababu gave the green signal for assigned and 'lanka' lands to be pooled and the rights were bestowed on the owners, Narayana completed the transaction by paying the balance that was owed to these farmers.

He then took a GPA from the farmers in the names of his proxies and had them registered in the name of his aides, employees and relatives. He took precautions for the purchases and registrations to be kept away from prying eyes by using the online registrations mode. This is how the farmers were kept from seeing who the purchaser of their lands were.

Purchases in the name of proxies
Minister Narayana made several purchases in the name of proxies such as Akula Manishanker, Ravuru Sambasiva Rao, Potthuri Pramila and others. A native of Nellore, Manishanker purchased 1.5 acre of land in Mandadam village near the core capital area for a price of Rs. 2.25 crore, reveal the villagers there. However the government records show that the government rate is Rs. 6 lakh per acre and its market value was shown to be only Rs. 9 lakh an acre.

Similarly 0.56 acre was purchased from Bodipudi Venkataramana in Survey no.109/1 of Lingayampalem, 0.37 acre from Borugadda Ramprakash in Survey no.15/1 in Mandadam, 0.45 acre from Kothapalli Radharani in Survey no. 140/A of Lingayapalem, 0.28 acre from Kondepati Venkayamma in Survey no.188, 0.75 acres from Sheikh Harsrafunnisa and others in Survey no. 119/A, 119/F of Rayapudi, 0.87 acre from Lambu Venkateshwarlu and others in Survey no. 354/1A, 345/1B, 0.25 acre from Velagaleti Ramadevi in Survey no. 360/1 and so on added up to the 30 acres of land purchased in the name of Akula Manishanker.

Minister Narayana's own brother-in-law Ravuru Sambasiva Rao purchased 0.32 acre in Survey no. 465/3B in Mandadam of Tulluru mandal and such other bits that added up to his kitty of 29 acres. Potthuri Pramela, close associate of Narayana purchased C 0.98 acres in Survey No. 51 / B , 51 / C of Uddandarayunipalem of Tulluru mandal and 0.45 acres in Survey No. 95 / C, 0.9 acres in Survey no. 157/2 in Lingayapalem, 0.5 acre in Survey No. 118/A , 0.88 acre in Survey no. 26/1 in Mandadam adding to her kitty of 15 acres.

It is being said that neither Ravuru Sambasiva Rao not Potturi Pramila have the financial capability to make these kinds of purchases involving crores of rupees. An official who is in the position to observe capital affairs from close quarters revealed to 'Sakshi' that Narayana was able to acquire 3,129 acres through proxies that involved close associates, employees and kin.

Stands to gain 400 acres in capital region through scheme
Borupalem of Tulluru mandal does not come under the ambit of land pooling scheme. Narayana therefore picked up 50 acres from there straightaway. Between Survey no. 250 and 400 of Rayapudi he again picked up over 50 acres of 'lanka' land.

Farmers belonging to Borupalem and Rayapudi, Thokala Pethuru, Thokala Ankulu, Mendem Nageshwar Rao, Mendem Koteshwar Rao, Bulledula Chinappa, Valaparla Ramayya, Laladi Addeyya and Laladi Sundararao revealed to 'Sakshi' that they sold their lands to minister Narayana and had surrendered all documents relating to their lands to him.

It is being said that minister Narayana is the brains behind the government passing orders on the arrangement where people who surrender lands towards land pooling in different areas of the capital, could claim plots and commercial space at one single place in the capital area. A senior official revealed to 'Sakshi' that through this scheme, minister Narayana stands to gain 400 acres in the capital region.

Narayana's favourite three
Akula Manishanker is a distant relative of Narayana. Four years ago he worked as a contract lecturer in VRS college in Nellore. Four months after Narayana became a minister, Manishanker was deputed as an electrical maintenance in charge in his medical college. The college however revealed that they do not have details of his wages, as he would take money from minister Narayana whenever he had need for it. Hailing from a middle class family, Manishanker worked in Narayana medical college and lived in a rented flat. Would he have the financial capability to invest crores of rupees and purchase land?

Ravuru Sambasiva Rao is the brother-in-law of minister Narayana and a close aide. He takes care of affairs related to his minister brother-in-law. Natives of Nellore reveal that Narayana has lot of assets in the name of Sambasiva Rao. He has done the same with his land purchases in the capital area too.

A close aide of minister Narayana, Potthuri Pramila oversees the operations of Narayana colleges in Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Like the others, Pramila hails from a middle class family with moderate income. She too would not have the financial capacity to make land deals in the capital region.

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