Jagan in jail for a year: Protests rock AP

Jagan in jail for a year: Protests rock AP - Sakshi Post

Scores of people had turned up at Indira Park on Tuesday, the 28th May to support their young leader Jagan Mohan Reddy.

A day-long deeksha was held to protest his illegal detention in jail over the last one year. This protest is being done not only in Hyderabad, but also in different cities, towns and villages across the state.

The people of the state raised their protest to bring their trustworthy and defied leader out of the apparent conspiracy laid against him by the Congress, TDP and the CBI.

After the candle march across the state yesterday (Monday) for the same cause, this dharna has yet again gathered huge crowds in support of their beloved leader. While Jagan's mother YS Vijayamma along with his wife YS Bharathi led the deeksha in Hyderabad, Sharmila, Jagan's sister held it at Palakollu in West Godavari district.

Launching the day-long Deeksha camp at Indira Park, Vijayamma, also the YSRCP honorary president, said: "Irrespective of the number of people and their conspiracies to keep Jagan in jail, justice will prevail." As a deeply hurt mother, she questioned as to how many more chargesheets would be filed against him by the CBI, in spite of his innocence. She also expressed her sorrow, by saying that the entire family is broken because of his arrest and that there are crude people who are rejoicing his detention and the pain that the family is undergoing.

Being very certain about the upcoming panchayat polls, Vijayamma confidently said that the public understands this conspiracy hatched by the TDP and the Congress parties. She expressed her anger against Chandrababu Naidu asking him what credibility or values he has to criticise YSR and his family. She also made a strong point against the TDP saying that lack of credibility in their chief, makes their situation worse than they imagined. Later in her evening speech, Vijayamma let herself out saying that there is 'different justice for different people', pointing at Jagan's imprisonment in spite of no wrongdoings.

Strong as always, the voice of Jagan, his wife YS Bharathi condemned the arrest of her husband. She said that a man who decided to stand by the people was immorally sent to jail. Along with her mother-in-law, Vijayamma, she reminded that the Congress was still enjoying power in the state only because of her father-in-law, late Dr. Y S Rajshekar Reddy.

She expressed her anguish saying: "They do not want anybody to fight for people's cause. Jagan had chosen to defy them and do it and that's why he's in jail. As Ghulam Nabi Azad himself had said Jagan could have been made the chief minister if he had agreed to their terms". Talking about democracy, she said that every person had the right to appeal for a bail, and Jagan was denied his bail for no reason and was kept behind the bars; this was nothing but killing democracy. A strong believer of God, Bharathi said that justice will be done to Jagan for he is innocent. It was absolute injustice to retain him in jail for no fault of his.

Apart from Jagan’s immediate family, loyalist Konda Surekha also led the Deeksha at Warangal on Tuesday. She and her husband Konda Murali appealed to the party workers to work toward making Jagan the Chief Minister of the state in the 2014 elections. She expressed her support to the family and also assured that the people who were benefited by the YSR welfare schemes would always keep him in their hearts. She said that TDP and Congress had resorted to extremely cheap politics conspiring against Jagan in keeping him in jail without bail and that this would not last for long. She also spoke about the disloyal members who had switched their sides; she said that they had forgotten the favors that YSR had done for them.


Sharmila in her speech at Palakollu alleged that TDP and Congress were just trying to widen the gap between Jagan and his people. They could not stand the fact that Jagan was the rightful successor of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. She expressed her anguish saying that for 30 years late YSR had served the Congress loyally and that the once called 'Indra' or 'Bhagiratha', today is being named a traitor. She said that YSR had always been a people's person and that he had never done anything for personal benefits. She also said that Ghulam Nabi Azad himself said that since Jagan had chosen to get out of Congress, he was in this situation else he definitely would have been the chief minister. Talking about CBI, she said that CBI was a puppet in the hands of the Congress.

Though there are no proofs against Jagan, the CBI has kept him in jail and instead of investigating the case they are just extending his period in jail. She also thwarted CBI saying that they could not prove his guilt and that they have always unreasonably prolonged the case. She was disheartened by the fact that even before investigation, the CBI said that they were going to target YS Jagan first and then Vijaysai Reddy. She said that all the shares that belong to Sakshi were legal and that why CBI was not finding fault with Eenadu's share price.

"Do we call CBI a parrot in Congress' cage, or a dog in their garden, or a cunning fox?", she asked. She demanded that the one to be prosecuted should be Chandrababu Naidu, who has a lot of  illegal history and that he had given away lands to his own people indiscriminately as per his whims and fanices. There are books written against this most corrupt TDP leader Babu like "Chandrababu zamaana, aviniti khazaana".

When one sees such an amazing response from millions of people supporting a leader, one should realise that this hero is a PEOPLE's MAN. It is time justice is done to make this state a better and happier place to live in.


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