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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu with actor Nani as host has garnered much audience response in a week. The show is running successfully with some interesting tasks assigned by the Bigg Boss. Everyone in the house regardless of their celebrity status has to pay attention when the Bigg Boss speaks on the show.

The responsibilities of Bigg Boss is to assign tasks to the contestants, remind them about the rules and guide them when they go wrong or commit mistakes on the show. Contestants on the show are alerted after they hear the voice of Bigg Boss which directs them on the show.

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Have you ever wondered who could be the voice of Bigg Boss 2? Well, most of the audience stick to their television sets just to watch the things happening on the show and no one even cares about the Bigg Boss and the voice behind it.

Radha Krishna

However, we are here to update you each and every news about Bigg Boss 2 Telugu which has attracted a lot of attention. The voice on the show is that of a senior dubbing artist Radha Krishna. Not only for Bigg Boss 2, Radha Krishna has also given his voice to several other TV shows in the past.

The organisers finalised the voice of Radha Krishna from the hundreds of people who came for auditions.

Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.

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