Chandrababu: facts vs fiction

Chandrababu: facts vs fiction - Sakshi Post

Chandrababu Naidu is at it again. If there's anyone who is a past master at misleading the public, it's him. His latest conjuror's trick is his declaration of assets.

The actual value of the assets does not figure in the declaration. His Jubilee Hills house, for instance,  is worth Rs 23 lakhs in his latest claim! Contrast this with what he pegged it at in his affidavit for the 2009 election--Rs .8.89 crores! He had also claimed that he had taken Rs.5 crore bank loan on the building's mortgage.

Here are some more interesting facts:

*Chandrababu was elected as a MLA for the first time in 1978.

*By then, his family had total assets of 3 acres of land--father Kharjuranaidu had half an acre of land while his mother had two and a half acres.

 * He became a minister soon.

* In 1994 Chandrababu Naidu became the Chief Minister .

* According to Babu his assets reached to  7.7 crores as per his declaration made in 1999.

* His assets' graph meanwhile, continued to rise; by 2004 it touched Rs.20 crores, and went up to around Rs 60 crores by 2009. All these facts are mentioned in his affidavits. Interestingly, the actual value of the assets has never been revealed.

* What about assets in the names of the relatives? Altogether, assets worth how many thousands of crores of rupees does he have?

* His 17 bedroom house, built on a plot of 1,125 yards in the posh area of Jubilee Hills is worth Rs.23 lakhs, according to him?

* His wife, Bhuvaneswari has real estate holdings in Hitech City, and has 5 acres of the land in Madinaguda. This is said to be worth only Rs. 73 lakhs? What about the the other  5 acres of land said to belong to Lokesh?

* The market value of Heritage Foods is Rs .320 crores and Chandrababu's family is only the majority shareholder in it . Isn't it worth at least Rs 150 crores?

 * Where did  Ammanamma get Rs. 75 lakhs from in 2000 ? What was her source of income? Why did she gift it to Lokesh and not the others?

* Why did Lokesh focus on real estate in Mumbai and Karnataka?  Did buy the lands there or was it quid pro quo?

* Chandrababu continues to cite nominal figures for which he bought properties instead of their current value?

*Why does he say that his sister-in-law has a house in Manikonda instead of  saying that she has a villa in EMAAR?

* Why does he never speak about Sujana Choudhury's shares in Dolla institutions?


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