Cannot say when 'T' will be a reality: Sarve

Cannot say when 'T' will be a reality: Sarve - Sakshi Post

Union minister Sarve Satyanarayana on Saturday said that there is no end to the Telangana episode.

On one hand, the High Command is holding a series of meetings on the issue. And on the other also dropping hints that it will keep up its word on the Telangana resolution, he said.

But Sarve was not able to tell when the Telangana state will be formed. "I cannot say when the Telangana dream will be realised," he added.

Sarve also targeted the Opposition parties saying they were only thinking about early  elections. However, UPA will go to polls only in 2014, he asserted. He maintained that it would be better if Rahul was made the deputy PM.


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