Belief in God keeps us going: YS Bharathi

Belief in God keeps us going: YS Bharathi - Sakshi Post

In an interview to Mahaa News, YS Bharathi, wife of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy talks about how she feels on various issues regarding her husband's arrest.

She also talks about how his distance from the family has affected everyone in the family.



It has been one year since his arrest... How do you feel?

YS Bharathi:  Jagan was not arrested because he did anything wrong. He was arrested only because the Congress and the TDP could not bear his popularity amongst his people. To widen the differences between him and his people, they hatched a conspiracy against him. During his father’s reign, though he was socially connected to people in Kadapa, he never really associated himself with politics.

From YSR to YS Jagan, there has been a change in the attitude of people. What do you think are the reasons?

YS Bharathi: After YSR's death, Jagan had promised to visit every family who was stricken with his father's death. He had visited Sonia Gandhi for permission but she had put his request away and postponed it. When he started his 'Odarpu yatra', he had gotten a great response from people. May be the TDP and the Congress could not take it, and hence decided to plot against him.

Jagan walked out of the Congress party very confidently and with immense courage. Reason behind it?

YS Bharathi: There are two very distinct qualities about Jagan. One is that he is very sincere, dedicated and committed to his work. May it be business or politics. Secondly, he is filled with humanity and cares for people. He can’t see people suffer and would do anything for their benefit. He is also very emotional like his father. He cannot see people suffer at all. This gave him courage to walk out of the party, just for the betterment of his people.

People outside say that Jagan is a cut throat business man... What is your take on it?

YS Bharathi: Jagan has never been a profit-oriented man, so cut throat businessman may not be right for him. I would rather say that he is a good businessman. It shows in the large readership that we have for Sakshi. We stand at the top ten of the nation today.

How do you make all this possible? What’s behind your success?

YS Bharathi: It is definitely God's blessing and also the team effort that our crew has put in.

YSR had started the newspaper to voice the Congress' opinion. How does the paper influence your decisions?

YS Bharathi: We are an unbiased newspaper right from the start. Even my father-in-law would tell Jagan to put up the problems in the government, so that he could rectify them as the then chief minister. Today we don't only write about Jagan, but also about Chandra Babu Naidu and Kiran Kumar Reddy. We mainly write about people's problems.

Ramanarayana Reddy was on good terms with YSR. What is your opinion on his comments on Jagan today?

YS Bharathi: We feel bad about it. Not only him if anyone speaks ill, we feel very bad. It hurts.

How does your Vijayamma react to this entire issue against your family?

YS Bharathi: The most affected person is definitely my mother-in-law, Vijayamma. She has been very attached to her husband and his loss has made a big difference in her life. Also, her son's arrest at such a young age has also made her very sad. Nevertheless, she has been very strong throughout. She has decided to lead the team forward with immense courage and determination.

How about you and Sharmila?

YS Bharathi: I am not into politics much. I just look after the business and legal issues. Sharmila has been taking so many pains for her brother without taking any credit for herself at any point of time. It is worth appreciation.

In spite of one year of his arrest, you are still confident about Jagan's return to power. What keeps you going?

YS Bharathi: It is our belief in God that keeps us going, for we know that he is not wrong.

You go to meet Jagan often. How is he?

YS Bharathi: He is no different from what he used to be. He is calm, composed and very stable. He doesn’t hold any anger against anyone at all. In fact, I feel that Chandrababu Naidu and Kiran Kumar Reddy look like they are in jail, because they seemed so agitated and disturbed.

Does Jagan monitor your actions?

YS Bharathi: Yes, sometimes. But since we don’t get to meet him often, we have to make our decisions on our own.

If released in October, it will be a landslide victory for Jagan's YSRCP. But if he doesn’t come out of jail, people may lose interest in him and his popularity may go down. How are you preparing for this?

YS Bharathi: We know that the Congress is monitoring the outcome in Jagan’s case. People know what is happening and how the conspiracy has been laid. If Jagan is in jail, it is a loss for the TDP and Congress for sure.

People are talking about your involvement with the UPA...

YS Bharathi: We could have voted for in the voting on FDI or abstained from it. But we voted against. This shows that Jagan does what is best for people irrespective of the circumstances.

One wish of yours right now?

YS Bharathi: I want Jagan released from jail.

How do your children react to this?

YS Bharathi: Harsha and Varsha are very sad. They say that it is not fair as to what has happened to their dad. But they assure me that as a day passes, it reduces the number of days their father will be away from them.

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