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YSR... these three words electrify his countless fans and admirers. Unlike the other politicians, YSR became a cult figure for his followers. He was leader par excellence. His friendly demeanor, his hearty laugh, his empathy for the poor and the deprived have made him a hero. He was a true leader of masses.

Yet, even his fans do not know much about YSR the person - how he lived and what his likes were. Here is YSR, the person for you ... recounted by none other than YS Vijayamma herself.

What he loved:

Being a man from a rural village, he loved his estate at Idupulayapaya the most. He loved the cows, the trees, everything.....  Even when he was away as the CM, he used to call the estate manager every morning to ask him how the cows were and how the trees were growing. Whenever he visited Idupulapaya, YSR along with Vijayamma, used to go for a stroll around the estate. He would look at the trees the same way that a mother would look at a child while the child is growing. He used to wait for the rising sun which looks beautiful between two hills in the estate. He would feel homesick when he didn't visit the estate at times when he was busy.

Family time:

Till he became CM, he did not spend much time with his family as he was always among the public. But after he became CM, he got to spend some time with us.  He used to talk for at least half an hour in a day about various things. He would call home everyday after dinner to inquire about the children. If the children were up at that hour, they would talk to him over the phone. His love for them was something beyond words. He never scolded them and in fact, there were no restrictions from his side as far as they were concerned. But he would talk to them about discipline and always said that character mattered more than anything else. YSR sent Jagan abroad for higher studies. Vijayamma tried to spend her time without seeing her son, but YSR couldn't do so. Even Jagan was the same.  

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Likes and dislikes:

YSR  preferred to listen to old songs. He used to listen to old songs during his free time or while traveling in a car. With his busy schedule, he did not get time to watch many films.


He dreamt about Jalayagnam even when he was just a student.

He understood the problems of the common man simply by looking into their eyes.

He went on his state-wide paadayatra, determined to meet the people and learn about their plight when they were in real trouble. He liked the Idupulapaya esate very much.

He used to spontaneously respond to people's problems and find solutions to them.

Pass marks

YSR said that he expected he would get at least 185 seats for his party in 2009, but after seeing the result (156 seats), he said that the public had just given him pass marks when his government had implemented a vast array of welfare schemes for them. He felt that the schemes were not percolating down to the public and therefore, started the Rachabanda programme. 

Who influenced YSR

My father-in-law always moved among the common public even though he was never into politics. There was a teacher named Venkatappa. He did not have children. Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy was brought up in his home and studied there. Venkatappa had a great influence on YSR. Perhaps, it was owing to him that he stepped into public life with an intention to serve the people. He always used to say that he could help only a few people if he continued to be a doctor, but in politics he could serve the poor and the needy.. He built a school in the memory of his teacher whose thoughts influenced him.

His schemes:

Some of his schemes have changed entire fortunes of the state. All the political leaders including opposition parties have a praises for these popular schemes which helped the poor in the state. Some states have copied his schemes. Some of his schemes - free electricity for farmers, fee reimbursement scheme for economically backward students, the path-breaking 'pavala vaddi' scheme for women, a roof over the head of every single family, Arogyasri universal healthcare scheme that brought quality health care into the lives of the poorest of the poor and interest-free loans to farmers.

Political life:

He became an MLA in 1978. YSR won every election he contested. In 2003, YSR undertook 'Praja Prastanam' padayatra covering more than 1600 kms during the scorching summer. His three month-long padayatra made him to come power. He became Chief Minister of AP in 2004 and 2009.

How YSR understood people's problems

As a CM, he used to meet people in Praja Darbar. He understood their problems by looking into their eyes. He used to say, our eyes alone speak when we are sad or troubled. Almost 60% of the people who would come, suffered from one health problem or the other. When there was no Arogyasri scheme, he used to help them with money from the CM's relief fund. Often he would give his own money for tickets, clothes and tablets.

He sent money to the people who sent letters to him, saying that they did not have the means to take care of their medical expenses.

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