TDP support helped Centre declare Telangana: Vijayamma

TDP support helped Centre declare Telangana: Vijayamma - Sakshi Post

Congress was able to easily declare statehood to Telangana with the support of TDP, said YSRCP honorary president YS Vijayamma addressing a huge gathering in Guntur. Vijayamma is on a hunger strike to draw Centre's attention to the logistical problems if AP is divided.

Blaming Naidu for the present plight of state, she recalled TDP's alliance with BJP in 1998 and TRS in 2004 when the party declared its support to Telangana in the manifesto. Naidu sent a letter supporting Telangana to Pranab Committee in 2008 and also recently in 2013, Vijayamma said, asking, "But how did he forget about the Seemandhra people? He did not mention about water problems, employment and security issues."

Chandrababu remained a mute spectator when all the 16 MLAs of YSRCP resigned predicting Centre's unilateral decision. If TDP leaders too had resigned, this situation would not arise.

Recalling Naidu's statements after the Centre's announcement that people should be like brothers even after the split and about a package to the new capital, Vijayamma hit back at him saying his accounts were imaginary.

"Till now, Hyderabad was being developed with the feeling that it is ours. It was developed as a joint capital for the two regions. Even laborers would relocate to Hyderabad for jobs. But Chandrababu is saying that we can build a new capital with Rs 4 to 5 lakh crores. Thousands of crores too can't build a capital like Hyderabad. We never imagined that Hyderabad isn't ours," said Vijayamma.

Referring to KCR and VH's remarks that Seemandhra employees must leave Hyderabad, Vijayamma said that Seemandhra people never objected to any move on Hyderabad. Isn't it wrong on the part of Centre to decide to split the state without deciding the fate of Hyderabad, Vijayamma asked.

Stating that 45 per cent of the state's revenue comes from Hyderabad, Vijayamma asked how welfare schemes can be implemented in Seemandhra region. She talked about the problems that could arise if the state was divided without clarifing issues saying that the state was already facing acute water and power shortage due to lack of support from neighboring states.

"It is difficult for Seemandhra region to get water as the entire region is down stream from Telangana. How would they supply water from Kuppam to Srikakulam?"

Vijayamma appealed to everyone not to attack Telangana people. She was referring to the attack on VH. Several leaders and Jagan's supporters in Seemandhra region are on a hunger strike in the support of Vijayamma.

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