US presidential elections

 - Sakshi Post
Mar 02, 2023
Washington: Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has said Pakistan does not need US aid as it hosts at least a dozen terrorist organisations. 
Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer - Sakshi Post
Jan 03, 2017
The team of US President-elect Donald Trump has said there was no evidence to suggest that Russian hacking had influenced the 2016 US election.
Hillary Clinton conceded defeat on Wednesday - Sakshi Post
Nov 09, 2016
Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called her Republican rival Donald Trump in the wee hours to concede defeat in the US Presidential elections.
Chanakya the fish deciding on the US election winner - Sakshi Post
Nov 08, 2016
Just like the Chinese monkey king ‘Geda’ did a week ago, Chanakya too picked Trump!
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