US Rep Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Bashes Foreign Aid to Pakistan

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Washington: Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has said Pakistan does not need US aid as it hosts at least a dozen terrorist organisations. 

Nikki recently launched a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. She was the former governor of South Carolina and also represented the United States at the United Nations during the Trump administration. 

“Pakistan is home to at least a dozen terrorist organisations. #CutEveryCent,” Haley tweeted on Wednesday.

Earlier, she said if voted to power, she will cut every cent in foreign assistance for countries which are adversaries of the US and she mentioned Pakistan, China, Iraq and other countries. 

Nikki is expected to share the stage with her former boss and former president Donald Trump at Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday morning. 

She said she strongly supported the Trump administration’s decision to cut nearly USD 2 billion of military aid to Pakistan because that country supported terrorists who kill American troops.

“We’ve still given them way too much in other aid. As president, I will block every penny,” she added. 

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