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Mar 06, 2023
Hyderabad: Days after the gory incident in Bagh Amberpet of the city in which a four-year-old boy was mauled to death
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Jan 09, 2023
Tollywood director Ram Gopal Varma is known for his no-holds barred jibes at politicians and other celebrities. When it comes to making comments and expressing feelings without any hesitation,...
RGV comments on MURDERS committed by Chandrababu Naidu In Guntur and Nellore - Sakshi Post
Jan 05, 2023
HYDERABAD: Maverick filmmaker and director Ram Gopal Varma on Wednesday responded, on Thursday over the death of 11 innocent people in the two stampede incidents at Nellore and Guntur districts of...
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Dec 08, 2022
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for calling a spade a spade, has courted controversy after his new video and pictures went viral on social media. 
Ram Gopal Varma hails Rishab Shetty's Kantara - Sakshi Post
Oct 17, 2022
In a surprise of sorts, Kannada filmmaker Rishab Shetty's Kantara turned out to be a big hit at the Indian box office in recent times.
RGV Booked For Derogatory Comments Against NDA Presidential Candidate Droupadi Murmu - Sakshi Post
Jun 28, 2022
Film director and producer Ram Gopal Varma, on Monday, June 27, has been booked for commenting on NDA presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu.
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Jun 26, 2022
Tollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma made a controversial tweet on NDA's Presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu. He tweeted, 'If Droupadi is the President who are the Pandavas?'.
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Jun 13, 2022
VIJAYAWADA: As part of Konda movie promotions which is helmed by the maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, former minister and Congress Leader Konda Surekha, who is in Vijayawada paid homage to former...
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Apr 29, 2022
Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter and wrote, "Whether u intended or not am glad u made this statement ,because unless there’s a strong stir , there cannot be a calm especially at a time when there...
Jersey Hindi Flop Signals Death Of Telugu Remakes in Hindi, RGV Tweets - Sakshi Post
Apr 27, 2022
The Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey crashing at the box office has led to film director Ram Gopal Varma making some interesting observations on Bollywood movies.
Ram Gopal Varma brands theatres refusing to screen Khatra anti-LGBTQ - Sakshi Post
Apr 06, 2022
Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma branded the PVR and INOX theatres management as Anti-LGBT for refusing to screen his latest and first film on lesbians titled Khatra (Dangerous). 
Dhahanam | Official Trailer - Telugu | Ram Gopal Varma | Isha Koppikar | Abhishek Duhan | - Sakshi Post
Apr 01, 2022
 Known for his depiction of bone-chilling violence in action-thrillers, Ram Gopal Varma is back with an action-packed story of a son avenging his father’s death.
 - Sakshi Post
Jan 18, 2022
https://www.sakshipost.com/visual-stories/entertainment/bts-suga-one-more-crazy-record-on-spotifyActor Dhanush and Aishwaryaa Rajinikan
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Jan 05, 2022
AMARAVATI/HYDERABAD: Interestingly maverick filmmaker and director Ram Gopal Varma  (RGV) has suddenly taken up the cudgels of the  Telugu film industry with regards to movie ticket pricing and...
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Aug 20, 2021
Ashu Reddy is one of the most popular faces on the small screen. She is an avid user of social media and never steps back to share what is going on in her life. She enjoys an incredible fan following...
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 07, 2021
Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV needs no introduction. His name is synonymous with some pathbreaking movies and also some controversial ones.
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 27, 2021
Ram Gopal Varma, Tollywood filmmaker never steps back to speak his mind. He shares his opinions through Twitter. He spoke on Congress party appointing Revanth Reddy as TPCC Chief.
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 27, 2021
Telugu Film Industry is preparing for the 'Movie Artists' Association (MAA)' elections. However, this time the weather in and around the industry seems to have hot up 3 months before the elections.
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May 09, 2021
Tollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma  never thinks twice before speaking his mind. He is controversy's favourite child. Be it for the right reasons or wrong moves, he loves to stay in the news. 
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Dec 31, 2020
Ram Gopal Varma is back with one of his favourite genres of filmmaking - horror ! The Bhoot director released the trailer of his latest horror film titled 12 “o” CLOCK- Andar Ka Bhoot, which shows a...
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Nov 22, 2020
Tollywood ace filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma announced that he is going make a film called 'SASIKALA'. He tweeted that the film is all about, 'what a woman S and a man E did to a leader'.
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Sep 05, 2020
Ram Gopal Varma who is an expert in making movies on real incidents has now come up with the announcement of his new movie. Titled DIsha Encounter, the movie is based on the rape and murder incident...
 - Sakshi Post
Sep 04, 2020
Tammareddy Bharadwaja unveiled a song from Journalist Prabhu's first film, ‘Ram Gopal Varma’.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 25, 2020
Ram Gopal Varma made his intentions clear with tweets about Arnab Goswami in particular, and about other media outlets that he doesn't like media investigation in Sushanth Singh Rajput's case.
 - Sakshi Post
Aug 10, 2020
Ram Gopal Varma has been working on as many projects as he can to make his OTT platform, a huge success. He has many films lined up to release on his RGV's World Theater. 
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Jul 25, 2020
HYDERABAD: The fight between maverick director Ram Gopal Varma and Pawan Kalyan fans is turning ugly with each passing day.
 - Sakshi Post
Jun 28, 2020
HYDERABAD: Biopics are ruling the film industry and most of the film makers are showing their interest to direct a biopic because such films have the power to inspire the people.
RGV offered acting role to a tiktok girl! - Sakshi Post
Apr 16, 2020
Ram Gopal Varma, one of the best directors of Tollywood has delivered number of hit movies in his filmy career. RGV is well known for his body language and has become favorite for dub mash artistes...
KTR and RGV - Sakshi Post
Apr 11, 2020
KTR Satirical Reply To RGV
Ram Gopal Varma (File Image) - Sakshi Post
Mar 30, 2020
Coronavirus is spreading its claws across the globe and to arrest the spread of covid-19 infection.
Ram Gopal Varma - Sakshi Post
Mar 25, 2020
Are there any words to describe the madness of the controversial director, Ram Gopal Varma? Obviously, No
Ram Gopal Varma - Sakshi Post
Mar 22, 2020
Here is another video shared by the film director Ram Gopal Varma on his Twitter timeline wherein the group of police were seen dancing with an intent to promote the cleanliness wearing masks and...
Ram Gopal Varma - Sakshi Post
Mar 19, 2020
Ram Gopal Varma is one of the most controversial directors in Tollywood. RGV who stays active on social media.
Nagarjuna during the shooting of Shiva - Sakshi Post
Mar 16, 2020
Shiva, a debut film for Ram Gopal Varma as a writer and director and needless to say about the impact the movie has created in the world of cinema.
Ram Gopal Varma - Sakshi Post
Feb 21, 2020
Is it new for popular filmmaker, Ram Gopal Varma to make strong comments on his social media? Obviously, a big No.
RGV - Sakshi Post
Feb 01, 2020
Maverick director, Ram Gopal Varma tries to grab the attention of all and sundry with his tweets.  RGV who stays active on social media has come up with an update about his next project. He is going...
RGVs Kamma Raajyam Lo Kadapa Redlu To Release As Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu  - Sakshi Post
Nov 29, 2019
RGV, who by now has the hang of creating sufficient hype before a film’s release, knew pretty well what the after effects of the trailer would be.
Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu Trailer 2 - Sakshi Post
Nov 20, 2019
Ram Gopal Varma’s Second Warning Out
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