State's miscalculations may cost city dear!

State's miscalculations may cost city dear! - Sakshi Post

Disappointed over Centre's decision to delay Telangana declaration, the Pro-Telangana activists are all set for Samara Deeksha, to put pressure on the government to grant separate statehood to Telangana.

Although the popular quote, "United we stand, divided we fall" is a cliche, it certainly holds good even today. It may be recalled that in September last year, the government had given a conditional nod to carry out the Telangana March peacefully. However, the result was anything, but peaceful!
The March that was supposed to be peaceful turned violent and the action started—no prizes for guessing where—the Osmania University campus!
However, students who were part of the March acted hardly like those in pursuit of learning. What followed were chaos, ugly scenes and violence all the way.
The Telangana activists were seen pelting stones at the policemen who used teargas shells and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. But all their efforts to bring the situation under control went in vain.
The same tensed situation prevails today too, as thousands of policemen and paramilitary forces were deployed across the city to maintain law and order situation. OU was witness to violent scenes already. The scene at the campus turned into a veritable battlefield.
Should there be law and order problem, who is to be blamed? Obviously, the incompetent government which does not have the foresight to see what's coming and blinked. Knowing the kind of situation the earlier Telangana agitations has created, it was only sensible for the government to understand the consequences of allowing an event such as the Samara Deeksha! One shouldn't forget agitations are anything but peaceful.   Instead, it buckled under pressure and blinked! The result will be seen in the turn of events that will take place in the next 36 hours!
It's like a disaster waiting to happen. The earlier protests have created enough damage, do we need more?
It's a well known fact that a good number of reputed companies have already shifted base to other cities owing to instability in the state. Can we again afford such losses because of miscalculations?
That brings us back to the question — do we need such leaders who lack vision and experience to handle such situations?
It would be only fair to recall that a leader of the stature of Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy always stood for united Andhra and made sure that justice was done to people of all the regions of the state. Perhaps, he was one of those who learnt from history — that partition/division would only hamper development and spoil peace. Probably that was the reason why the state was more prosperous and certainly at peace during his regime. One dreads to think of where we are heading.

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