Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 9: Will Tejo Say Yes to Marrying Angad?

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In today’s episode of Udaariyaan, Pandit fixes the date for Jasmine and Fathe wedding after ten days. Meanwhile, Khushbeer plans Tejo’s wedding before Fathe and Jasmine. Rupay tells Khushbeer that he has someone in his mind who can keep her happy. Later, Rupay drops Angad's name to Khushbeer. Will Angad and Tejo accept marriage?

Angad and Tejo spend some quality time and Angad seems to take a liking for Tejo and he starts falling in love with Tejo. Tejo feels unwell. Angad gets to know that Tejo is unwell and rushes her to Rupay’s home. Khushbeer lashes out at Fathe about his carelessness at the academy and reveals Tejo is unwell. Simran feels sorry for Fathe. Later, Fathe visits Rupay’s house to check who is Tejo. Fathe sees Angad taking care of Tejo and remembers his memories with Tejo. Fathe can’t control himself and messages Tejo and later deletes it. Angad spends some quality with Tejo’s family. Mahi and Simran make it clear to Jasmine that no one will attend her wedding.

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