Bigg Boss Keerthi Says ‘I Cook Better Than Kumari Aunty’

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Kumari Aunty is known to everyone thanks to her culinary skills. She runs a food stall near the ITC Kohenur Hotel in Hyderabad. Several reels have been made on Kumari Aunty. Influencers, YouTubers and others have been visiting the stall to taste the food. 

The latest celebrity who joined the bandwagon to taste Kumari Aunty's food is Bigg Boss Telugu fame Keerthi, who went with her fiance to taste the food after watching several videos about the eatery on Instagram. 

Keerthi ordered white rice with chicken but she couldn’t eat more than two bites as the curry was too spicy. Later, she ate food at a nearby hotel, which she said was better than Kumari Aunty’s food. 

Keerthi asked why Kumari Aunty's food has been hyped up so much. The prices are also high, she said. "She charged me Rs 170 for a bowl of rice and four chicken pieces. The price is not worth it at all," Keerthi said. 

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