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Young actor Sampath Kumar's Surapanam released in theatres recently. The film is directed by Sampath Kumar and produced by  Matta Madhu Yadav.

Plot: Sampath Kumar (Shiva) is a common thief in the town. Mallanna who is a villain in the same town makes a deal with Shiva to steal the statue of Lord Shiva which is in the government treasury.

Shiva successfully steals the idol from the temple. From there the actual fun begins because Shiva finds a bottle with a strange liquid- the Surapanam in it.  After drinking the ‘wine’ from the bottle Shiva's behavior gets totally changed and he ends up losing the idol due to his body changes. On the other hand, Mallana and his team are searching for Shiva tto lay their hands on the idol. What's inside of the bottle?... How Shiva returns to being a  normal person... forms the gist of the story.

Performance: Sampath Kumar steals the show with his performance in the film. He gave a fantastic performance in triple roles which is really a tough job for new actors. Sampath Kumar carries it out well. Pragya Nayan is also a show stopper in the film and is cast as the female lead. Master Akhil, Surya, Ajay Ghosh, Fish Venkat, Meesala Lakshman, Vidya Sagar, Anji Babu, and other supporting cast do justice to their roles.

Plus Points:

Sampath Kumar, Pragya Nayan performances


Minus Points

Second half lag

Verdict: Surapanam is a decent entertainer.

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