Technology Brands Hitting The Right Goal

Technology Brands Hitting The Right Goal - Sakshi Post

As technology advances alongside digitalization, humans’ requirements are evolving too and though there’s no dearth of creative minds on this planet, innovative ventures that scale dreams don’t come by everyday. In this article you’ll get to know about  some of the best digital and tech ventures in the present Indian IT ecosystem. Here are some tech players kicking up a storm in the market:

1) ByteBeam:

A one-stop platform for all Internet of Things  (IoT) management made easy, ByteBeam provides  cost-effective, easy and efficient IoT device management with its multi feature solutions for enhanced security, connectivity, scalability and customizability. Enabling reduced Time-To-Market leading to market release  as early as three weeks and real-time analytics showing precise actionable insights ByteBeam is designed to help companies leverage all IoT  benefits  sans management hassles.   Effortless remote device monitoring, white labeling, over the air updates, Custom Auth Integration, expeditious troubleshooting are some features from ByteBeam which supports all hardware and IoT Frameworks.

2) Riverum:

Riverum empowers travel companies and agents with technology and tools for market expansion and distributed team building through risk mitigation. Via flexible subscription and innovative engagement model, Riverum is transforming the way travel companies do business in the international market  driven with AI-driven data-driven predictive analytics solutions, enhanced amount spent per purchase,  customer retention & engagement, organic traffic, hybrid  chatbot solution, among others. Genersting $360 million in its maiden year and $720 million in the last FY for OTAs, Riverum establishes and efficiently manages global teams and is currently operating in India, Philippines, Romania,  Moldova, UK and US.

3) bitsCrunch:

Guardians of the NFT ecosystem, bitsCrunch uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent scammers from exploiting  NFT marketplaces/projects. bitsCrunch’s products enable safe NFT space, arming users to avoid washtrades, copycats using NFT Information Center (Unleash NFTs) -  a real-time NFT analytics dashboard and portfolio tracker. The platform provides AI-Enhanced Safety Feature (SCOUR) to flag spoofing transactions that manipulate NFT ecosystem volume and price of the assets. Its Digital Asset Forgery Detection System (Crunch Davinci) flags forgeries, copycats and bootleg digital art contents thereby protecting the artists, creations and users

4) Tummoc - Multi Modal Transit App:

Tummoc is a Bangalore-based startup founded in January 2021. It is India’s first multi-modal patented public transport app to help you with real-time public transport information and last-mile connectivity. Tummoc is the answer to the hassle of regular transportation options and the struggle to find reasonably priced short-term rides. The absurdity of a 20-minute wait for a 10-minute ride in the metro or a bus, and difficulty fulfilling the first and last mile requirements when using public transport, formed the base of Tummoc experience. With a commuter-first approach, the app has already been offering ways to reach out to support teams via email, phone calls and chatbot. Currently operational in a total of 17 cities, the app has received 4.5 stars rating on Google Play Store.

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