This Spotify Gadget Car Thing Offers Free Music

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People love listening to music while driving. A long car ride with your favourite songs playing in the background is just what most people need. To fulfil these wishes, many of the brands are now coming with new products to satisfy their customers.

I am sure we all must have heard of Spotify, the music streaming app. For the first time, Spotify has come up with a new product called ‘The Car Thing’ meant to ease a person’s music experience. You can use this device to play music or to listen to podcasts in the car.

To announce the launch of their new product, Spotify took to social media on Tuesday. This is just like a Pilot launch thing where the product is not yet available to all for purchase. As of now, only selective customers can get hold of the Car Thing. His is open to US Spotify Premium subscribers on an invite basis. You can submit your application to get one of these. But hurry, before the stock ends.

As of now, the product is in its pre-release stage, so the company is giving it for free. But once the official launch is made, it will be up for purchase at $79.99. It is an infotainment system that can be used by the people who own modern cars but will particularly be best for those who have old vehicles.

How does it Work?

This device will mount up to your dashboard. You need to pair the car thing to your mobile device and then to the car’s audio system. The company shared that their idea behind this product was to ensure that every person gets a happy and relaxing music listening experience.

This is not just for music. You can choose to play any playlist or listen to a Podcast or play an album. Four buttons will help you to switch playlist and songs, seamlessly.

Some cars come with other infotainment screen or infotainment system. But Spotify shared that their main reason was to help owners of old cars. Those cars did not come with such modern technology.

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