Short Video Community Tiki launches UnitedByCreativity on International Dance Day

Short Video Community Tiki launches UnitedByCreativity on International Dance Day - Sakshi Post

The campaign comprising performances by creators pays homage to different dance forms that are a representation of our country’s cultural heritage

New Delhi: Celebrating #InternationalDanceDay, Tiki, a short-form video community, launched the ‘United by Creativity’ campaign, to unite regional creators like- choreographers, dance teachers, students, and dance enthusiasts to showcase their folk culture via dance videos. With the right use of technology and conscious efforts, Tiki and its creators are promoting India’s rich art and cultural diversity through dance.

The campaign saw 18.6k creators participate in the campaign across India, where they were seen sharing videos of their dance performances under #ShudhDesiDance hashtag. 47k videos were uploaded and the hashtag has gained over 138 million views on Dance Day. Some of the regional influencers, like Sanjana Galrani, also participated to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, and various dance forms.

Excited about the launch of the campaign, Tiki India said, “We at Tiki aim to serve a greater purpose together with our creators through this platform. This Dance day we want our users to put their best foot forward and showcase their talent from across the country. Through this campaign, we have been able to align with our purpose of offering a platform where all the talents are encouraged and have an equal opportunity to express and showcase their talent. We are delighted to share that more than 18k creators came together to shake a leg and spread awareness about their culture.``

Celebrating the Dance Day, Krittika Sharma, Actor and Tiki creator said, “Tiki provides creators an opportunity to engage with a wider audience and a platform to advance their careers. Today, I posted videos of my Punjabi dance which received so much love and appreciation from other users across India. This is a beautiful way to celebrate our country’s local culture through an art form like Dance. It was a delight to see various new dance forms from across the country."

Tanya Sharma, Actor and Tiki creator said, “In a world full of trends, we lost the regional and cultural connect. But, this Dance Day, Tiki helped us reconnect with our roots by creating videos of our cultural dance and to spread awareness about it. It is a great feeling for all the creators to unite, showcase and learn about each other’s culture. I will try to post more videos of my folk dance to keep the spirit alive.”

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