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Their flexibility, portability, and larger-than-life appeal are winning legions of fans

As the festive season kicks in and shoppers make important choices to upgrade electronics in their homes, award-winning company XGIMI’s India representative Sushil Motwani, says, “Projectors are now on the top of the home entertainment wish list. Their flexibility, portability, and larger-than-life appeal are winning legions of fans. We are now living at a time where people want to experience gaming, live sports, blockbuster films, etc in an undiluted format, without cutting corners and projectors deliver just that.”

He cites the example of XGIMI bestsellers like the Horizon series, the Elfin, and the Halo+ and says, “These have been our hottest selling products this year and are generating rave reviews and have already established a solid foundation of trust among buyers who just love the 'Ghar Wala Cinema’ feel. What many consumers now want is a smarter projector which costs as much as a smart TV but offers much better features and specifications.”

He also says that more and more young buyers now want their living room to be more than just a space dominated by a bulky TV. He says, “Big-screen TVs cost a lot, but unlike a projector, they are not portable, they take up a lot of space, and many young couples want to carry entertainment with them on the move and want to be able to watch a film, a match, etc in more than one place in their home. A projector meets the brief and we have seen increased interest especially in the small, compact ones that can even fit in a backpack.”

For the longest time, large-screen televisions were an aspirational buy but that is changing now. Sushil says, during the pandemic when people missed going to the movies, many opted for projectors to replicate the thrill of booming sound and immersive visuals. 


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