How To Make Your WhatsApp Chat Messages Disappear On Android And Apple Phones

 - Sakshi Post

WhatsApp disappearing message feature is now available to all users. Earlier this month, the company had announced about this feature and now it is official. As the name suggests, the message will disappear from the chat once the feature is enabled. This feature is available on Android, ios and Web. To make messages disappear from your chat, WhatsApp has given a time limit of seven days. After selecting the option the message will disappear automatically after seven days. This feature works on individual chat, group chat and group admins can also control this.

 How to enable the disappear option:

1.     Update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

2.     Open any person chat in your WhatsApp, and select on the contact info.

3.     Scroll down, you will find ‘Disappearing Messages’

4.     The feature is default set is disable if you want you can enable it

5.     Now, the messages sent to the chat will disappear after seven days.

There are some limitations with disappearing messages on WhatsApp. Even though the message disappears for seven days, if the chat hasn’t been read it shows in the notification preview. Quoted messages still appear even after selecting the disappear option. Even for the forward messages, the text will remain visible even it disappear in the chat.

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