How to Hide Self Video on Microsoft Teams

How to Hide Self Video on Microsoft Teams - Sakshi Post

Microsoft will now allow you to hide self-video in Microsoft Teams after receiving 5K complaints.

Several Teams users have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that they see themselves in meetings all of the time.

New Delhi: After over 5,000 irate Microsoft Teams customers complained about a feature that keeps them visible during online meetings, the firm is finally providing a "Hide Your Own Video" feature in its meeting platform.

Currently, the self-view in the bottom right-hand corner of a Microsoft Teams meeting is constantly static.

Users on Microsoft's community board complained that "this is often distracting and can also get in the way of the screenshare."

According to ZDNet, the corporation is now releasing you from the burden of witnessing your actions.

"It’s instructive to learn how many Teams users describe the experience of constantly staring at themselves. One word that emerges again and again is exhausting," said the report.

One such user posted on the Microsoft community board: "I’m both a female and a new hire, and seeing myself is very distracting and exhausting. As a result, I nearly always turn off my camera for all my meetings, even though this makes it even harder to connect with my colleagues, which is a disappointment as a new hire".

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Microsoft said the new feature, which allows Microsoft Teams members to conceal their video, will be available this month.

"Thank you for your feedback! The team is currently working on introducing this capability," said the company.

"Please integrate it fast. It’s so annoying to have your own picture in your face all the time at meetings," replied one user.

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