Stop Using Nicknames and Pet Names in Password

Stop Using Nicknames and Pet Names in Password - Sakshi Post

The majority of traditional New Year's resolutions focus on improving one's health and lifestyle. But this year, why not clean up your passwords as well? It's best to start with a few uncommon words and then add symbols and special characters in the centre to keep things interesting.

"W1nc1ng! G1raff3" might be taken from "wincing giraffe." These strong passwords can be difficult to remember, to the point where you may need to write them down. That's OK as long as you store the message in a safe place (and not stuck to your monitor).

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You will considerably reduce your risk in the case of a data breach on any of those platforms if you write them down in a book (kept properly locked away). Because the password is not shared, this does not increase the chance of your password being compromised.

Changing your password strategy is a simple technique to lower your cyber-security threats. Ideally, this means using a password manager, but if you're not ready yet, make 2022 the year you get rid of the sticky notes and pet names.

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