5 Influencer Marketing Agencies to Look out for 2022

Influencer marketing is an integral part of digital marketing that has been gaining popularity as the most effective tool for measuring the success of business-led initiatives. The process of identifying influencers, contacting, and selecting the most suitable ones, and then running campaigns with them followed by measuring and analysing the data can get too time-consuming. The hunt for businesses to have a distinct presence among the masses has made influencer engagement an essential part of any brand campaigns. With specialization spanning across the domain, the influencer marketing agencies are able to consult and provide the right mix of these integrated social media tools. They know the business and are equipped with the mechanisms and expertise required for leading controlled conversations.

Here are 5 Influencer marketing agencies that can help achieve your business goals with everlasting impact:

1.     Viral Pitch

Viral Pitch, launched in 2020, is an influencer marketing, research, and analysis platform that represents all the influencer related information for brand’s references. It connects influencers with brands by helping businesses reach out to the best-suited influencers in order to create maximum impact and reach. The platform is on a mission to be synonymous and works on a holistic approach which quantifies all variables in the Influencer Marketing Space. Viral Pitch has 25+ brands on board and has collaborations with over 20k+ influencers. It also provides various services under one roof ranging from concept ideation, content production, pre/post-campaign analysis, to influencer metrics, brand campaign dashboard, etc. Viral Pitch connects influencers with the latest campaigns in the industry, where one can check, assess and pitch their offers to the brands directly.

2. Cofluencer

Launched in 2019, this influencer marketing agency claims to have worked with over 200 brands across the country. The most prominent names that have worked with include Ola Foods, Yahoo Cricket and Vedantu, among others. The company that recently bagged the Best Large Influencer Marketing Company award and caters to companies across industries such as banking & finance, education, food & beverage, healthcare and ecommerce. This is the world’s most recognized video making platform that helps in influencing through the content in the video. This platform appreciates your talent and brings you brands that help you upsell your talent and growth in the industry.


Winkl helps you collaborate with thousands of influencers and manage your influencer marketing campaigns. The Winkl search engine is the largest platform that helps in discovering thousands of influencers across niche categories. The platform also gives you insights on any influencer profile within seconds. Its automated end-to-end campaign execution helps you to run, create and launch campaigns without any hassle, making your campaigns even more impactful.

4. WhizCo

WhizCo is a fast growing creator and influencer management agency. It is currently managing at least 10,000 content creators spread across different categories, geographical locations and languages. Though the platform has an impressive presence across different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram,the company has also collaborated with some of the top home grown short video apps such as Josh for influencer engagement. WhizCo organizes workshops with different short video platforms to train the creators and create earning opportunities for them. Its creator pool has created more than 1 million pieces of content, garnering engagement of over 10 million.

5. Qoruz

Qoruz is an influencer marketing and intelligence platform that enables superior influencer discovery, quick and easy influencer outreach, and data-rich influencer marketing campaign analytics. Qoruz helps you find influencers from the largest database. You can access over 2,74,711 influencers from 100 categories and a zillion topics. All you need to do is search for categories, topics, hashtags, bio mentions, interests, professions, etc. across 5 major platforms: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Blog. After finding influencers, you can filter those influencers that are best suited for your business campaign.

Influencer marketing with its extensive outreach is an effective strategy that helps your brand develop credibility and simultaneously creates brand awareness amongst your target audiences through various social media campaigns. Adopting this new-age strategy helps brands create a significant impact on the huge number of people who already know, trust and follow these influencers.

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