Sumit Kaul finds it draining to shoot for TV soaps in summers especially if the costume has multiple layers

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Mumbai, May 23 (IANS) Actor Sumit Kaul has opened up about the difficulties of shooting in the summer season, saying it can be draining, especially if your costume requires you to wear multiple layers.

Sumit, who plays the role of Paresh Parmar in 'Janani-AI Ki Kahani', says shooting in the summer is difficult as it is getting more gruelling every year.

"As long as one is shooting on an AC floor, one is comfortable. But often one has to shoot outdoors, and that can be draining, especially if your costume requires you to wear multiple layers," he said.

Sumit said that while shooting for a daily show is no easy feat, it is fun as well.

"While the show goes on, it’s definitely challenging to manage personal time with family. But, as professional actors, it is a compromise we have to make while trying to squeeze some time out. Also, if you plan holidays in advance, it can be managed. I don’t like night shoots at all. My body clock gets totally disturbed, and it requires double the amount of willpower and effort to stay alert and perform when the entire body is calling for sleep," he shared.

However, daily soaps also mean constant work and constant income, so you can’t complain much, said the actor.

"I think anyone who is working in the TV industry, and constantly complaining about it, is just being ungrateful. With so many actors out of work, it’s a privilege if you as an actor are getting to face the camera 15-20 days a month. A few tough days here and there is part of the work-life in any profession. No point being a crybaby about it," added Sumit.

Produced by Mrinal Abhigyan Jha Productions’ (MAJ), the show airs on Dangal TV.

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