HCA President Azharuddin Decided to Begin New Season With Tiger T20 Trophy

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Hyderabad Cricket Association President Mohammed Azharuddin chose to start the new season with Tiger T20 on July 12 instead of the proposed new season of the John Manoj-led Apex Council, which was to begin on Wednesday with a three-day tournament (Monday).

The Apex Council, led by John Manoj, was stunned and thus decided to postpone the commencement of the three-day competition. Interestingly, Azharuddin stated that for the time being, the Tiger T20 Trophy is HCA's officially sanctioned tournament.

The HCA Apex Council, chaired by Mohammed Azharuddin, decided to start the new cricket season with the Tiger T20 Cup tournament, according to a press release. "This corresponds to the BCCI calendar for 2021, which begins with the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy."

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"Any other matches organized by any other individual or group of individuals or disqualified members shall be treated as a private match and performances will not be placed on the record by HCA, and required action will be taken in accordance with Rule 16," the statement continued.

Teams, players, and club secretaries heaved a sigh of relief with the Tiger T20 Trophy and the postponing of the three-day league. They were perplexed till Tuesday evening, as they were caught in a confused state. "We have no idea what we're doing. The players and teams were all getting ready for the new season when Saturday's events took us all by surprise," said, the captain of a team.

The teams have till July 7 to fill up the forms at the Uppal stadium. The deadline for submissions is July 10.


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