Coca Cola Loses $4 Billion, Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo

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The world knows Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He has been consistently good and has managed to remain in shape for all these years. In the recent match between Portugal and Hungary, the 36-year-old player showed everyone that he still has it in him and that he can still score well for his country.

When things started to look not too good for Portugal, Ronaldo was there. By the second half at the 87th minute, Ronaldo managed to give Portugal a lead by 2-0, proving once and for all that he is still one of the best players.

Ronaldo even at 36, is one of the best footballers out there. His lifestyle and healthy habits have still put him in great shape. He is often seen promoting such a lifestyle to others as well. On June 15, Ronaldo along with coach Fernando Santos attended the Euro press conference.

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At the event, two coca-cola bottles were placed in front of Ronaldo. But the player immediately slid those away and kept only the water bottle for himself. He then lifted the water bottle, showing it to the camera and asked the viewers to ‘drink water.’

What happened after this incident is a clear impression of the man’s influence and the impact he has. The company after this ended up losing billions of dollars. The stock prices fell by 1.6 per cent while their value went down from USD 242 billion to USD 238 billion.

The Portuguese player is known for his healthy diet and lifestyle. This is why he has managed to stay in shape till now. He doesn’t consume fizzy drinks as it is not good for your health. Now he has managed to influence others too.

Netizens termed him as the ‘biggest influencer in the world’ and this turned into a meme fest on social media. Even Coca Cola reacted to this and said that “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences.”

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