Anantha Movie Review, Rating

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Starring: Prashanth Karthi, Rithika Chakraborty, Anish Kuravilla, Gaddam Srinivas, Laya Simpson and others.
Banner: Srinetra Creations
Producer: Prashanth Karthi
Direction: Madhu Babu Tokala
Music Director: Ghantashala Vishwanath
Release Date: June 9, 2023


Radyesh (Prashanth Karthi) is a professor. Once every ten years, he takes a break from his work. While he is on his way from his workplace, a few scientists named Pradyumna (Anish Kuravilla), Dharma (Gaddam Srinivas), Shruti (Rittika Chakraborty) and others visit him to bid him farewell.

The actual story takes off when it is revealed that Radyesh was born fifteen thousand years ago and is immortal. He does not grow old! He keeps changing his place of work every ten years so that nobody gets to know that he is ageless. What is the mystery behind Radyesh? Was he really born fifteen thousand years ago? What is the relationship between the famous scientist Dr. Pradyumna and him? That's what the rest of the story of 'Anantha' is all about.


The story is narrated like a biopic. Director Madhubala opted for a novel storyline and tried to unveil the story on screen in a never seen before fashion. The director is successful to an extent in this regard.

We have seen immortal characters in Puranic movies. But this is the first time such a character is introduced in a contemporary story. The film is based on a story written by Star Trek author Jerome Bixby. The audience will be impressed by some of the interesting things learned by the professor's colleagues who come to bid him farewell.

It would have been more interesting had the film explored the visual potential of the story. There is enough verbal depth but no visual poetry. The entire first half is conversational in nature. The audience is bombarded with information. The second half continues with some interesting elements. And the climax twist is exciting.

How are the performances?

Prashanth Karthi, who played the role of Naxalite leader RK in Ram Gopal Varma's 'Konda', has played a different character in this film. He was convincing in the role of Professor Radyesh. Anish Kuravilla in the role of Dr. Pradyumna and Gaddam Srinivas as Dharma entertained the audience with their natural performances.

Rithika Chakraborty has done justice to her role. The rest of the actors acted within the scope of their roles.

Technical Departments:

Ghantashala Vishwanath's music is a plus for this movie. Good background music accentuates a number of scenes. The songs are not that impressive, though. Cinematography by Siddu Sonsetti is able. The production values are not lavish enough.


'Anantha' has a solid storyline and premise. Watch it for a number of fantastic elements.


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