Nirbhay Wadhwa on portraying Lord Hanuman: 'I try to express through my eyes'

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Mumbai, March 22 (IANS) Actor Nirbhay Wadhwa has opened up on the preparations he has undergone in portraying Lord Hanuman in the show 'Shrimad Ramayan'.

In the recent narrative, audiences have witnessed the entry of Lord Hanuman, who is known for his unwavering devotion to Lord Ram and is a symbol of strength and loyalty.

Talking about conveying the qualities of devotion and loyalty in his performance, Nirbhay said: "When it comes to my performance, I try to express myself through my eyes since my face has prosthetics, which limits facial movement. However, I strive to convey emotions as aesthetically as possible, in order to bring out His devotion and loyalty towards Lord Ram."

"More so, I am a Hanuman bhakt and recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily as it helps me feel more devoted and positive towards my work," he shared.

He further said: "I didn't particularly face any challenges, but I had to work on my body to bring out a demeanour like him and embrace the quality of strength which Lord Hanuman is known for. For example, there is a scene where Lord Hanuman lifts a mountain. It was difficult for me to execute the act while also managing the Gadha (mace) on the other hand."

"To make the scene look effortless, I used to rehearse alone, and I ensure I work out every day. I work on my facial expressions too, as this role requires me to wear a prosthetic mask, and emoting with it is a challenge," added Nirbhay.

'Shrimad Ramayan' airs on Sony.

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