Indian PM Modi Beats Merkel, Biden in Global Leader Approval Ratings

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In a global leader approval rating survey, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi left behind everyone and topped the ranking. He was ahead of names like US President Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, and all the others.

As per the survey rankings, Narendra Modi was in the first position with 70 percent approval ratings followed by Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with 64 percent rating. Then it was Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi who was behind by just 1 percent with a 63 percent approval rating. Check out the full ranking here:

  1. Modi: 70%

  2. López Obrador: 64%

  3. Draghi: 63%

  4. Merkel: 52%

  5. Biden: 48%

  6. Morrison: 48%

  7. Trudeau: 45%

  8. Johnson: 41%

  9. Bolsonaro: 39%

  10. Moon: 38%

  11. Sánchez: 35%

  12. Macron: 34%

  13. Suga: 25%

PM Modi has topped the ranking. He surpassed every other leader, PM, or President in the world. This survey was done by The Morning Consult, an American data intelligence firm. They check the approval rating for leaders over the world including leaders from Canada, Australia, France, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, India, and others.

This ranking takes into consideration, several factors. The major factor is how the adults of each country are reacting. It is a seven-day moving average of adult residents.

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