Taliban May Not Form Govt Today

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The Taliban are unlikely to form a government today because the majority of their leaders are still in Kandahar and their negotiations are not yet completed. Taliban were expected to form a government today. 

It is all known knowledge that the Taliban have started preparation for the inauguration ceremony of a new government in Kabul. White Taliban banners with ‘Shahada’ (Islamic oath - ‘La illaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah’) quotes have been spread across the Kabul. It is said that the announcement of a new administration could be made after Friday afternoon prayers but now it looks like they may postpone it. 

The Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15. The Islamic militant group seized control of the country after the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

Now how Naya Afghanistan is going to look like?... How the women and minorities are going to be treated in the nation.

Former diplomat and envoy to Afghanistan, Ambassador Amar Sinha told a news agency, “It's strange to call it Naya or new because when you see its past casting such a dark shadow over its future. There is a concern that Afghanistan's development may be set back several decades on all fronts.Hope it does not become a joke like this term being used next door (Pakistan).”

India, for now, has adopted a 'wait and watch' policy. India’s former envoy to Kabul, Ambassador Gautam Mukhopadhyay told a news website, "We should welcome the statements made by Stanekzai and Anas Haqqani that suggest some independence from the ISI. We should also ask some questions and judge them based on their attitude and words and shouldn't let down our guard both in terms of our security concerns like whether they can protect us from the ISI, sever ties with other terror groups, especially those supported by the ISI against India, deny Pakistan strategic depth, and preserve and build on our P2P and trade ties; and a genuinely inclusive govt in Afghanistan that accommodates the majority of Afghans who want the rights and freedoms enshrined in the 2004 Afghan Constitution or at least acceptable to the Afghan people.”

He further added that "It should be a solution that brings peace to the Afghan people and takes along our friends and partners for the last 25 years, not at their expense."

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