Does COVID Vaccine Shot Protect You Against Coronavirus? The Answer Is NO

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The COVID-19 vaccine is here.  India has finally started their largest vaccination drive. The process will be carried out in various stages as the country gears up to vaccinate the entire population. Two vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin were approved for this.

Even when the vaccination drive is underway, the health experts are concerned as the virus is still spreading rapidly. Medical workers have urged the people not to become a ‘free bird’ after vaccination. People will still have to follow the COVID rules and regulations and take necessary precautions.

Yes, the vaccine will develop antibodies which will help you, but this will take some time. For a person’s own safety, it is best to continue wearing masks, using sanitizer and washing the hands at regular intervals.

Experts have asked the people to avoid public gatherings and maintain social distancing. The vaccine will not start working as soon as you receive the shot. It will take sometime. Moreover, there are two stages to the vaccination procedure. After you receive the first shot, there will be a gap of at least 28 days before you are given the second shot.

Even after you have been vaccinated, your immune system might not be as strong to completely throw off the virus, completely. It will counter most of the problems and protect you from the virus. But when the body is releasing off the virus, it might be a problem for people around you. The virus will be discharged from your body through a sneeze or cough or anything else, which is good for your body but could create problems for people around you. This is why it is important to wear a mask as it not only protects you but those around you.

Another concern came with the fact that viruses mutate all the time. During the time gap of 28-days, the virus might be at an advantage of mutation. The vaccine will be administered in two separate doses with around 28-days gap in between each dose. During this time, your body is undergoing changes and the immune system is developing. It is very important that you take extra precautions. 

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