Delhi Riots: Facebook India Representative Summoned

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In relation to the February 2020 riots that occurred in Delhi, the Delhi Assembly's Committee on Peace and Harmony on Friday summoned the representatives from Facebook India to come on November 2 to testify.

The Committee stated in a letter that it will focus on the role of social media behemoth Facebook is combating false and malicious communications that could provoke societal unrest. This is keeping in mind, the fact that Facebook has millions of users and a large number from Delhi too. “Facebook has lakhs of users in Delhi. The committee will hear the views of the representatives of Facebook.”

After the Northeast Delhi riots between anti- and pro-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) demonstrators, the Committee was formed. Not just Facebook, but others have come to give their statement too. Various people, including journalists, former officials, and community leaders, have been before the Committee to provide evidence and suggestions, according to the letter.

In recent times, the role of social media in the spread of rumors and lies has increased. This goes other way as well. It plays an important part in curbing false information and messages. It can help in curbing false messages that would lead to violence.

The Committee asked Facebook India to send competent senior representatives, someone who is/are familiar with the matter. But also a meeting with less number of people is better keeping in mind the Covid19 situation.

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