BLACKPINK Jennie Redefines Icon in Elle Korea Interview

BLACKPINK Jennie Redefines Icon in Elle Korea Interview - Sakshi Post

BLACKPINK Jennie will be featured as one of the cover stars in the upcoming edition of Elle Korea Magazine. 

BLACKPINK band made their historical return with the album ‘Born Pink’ in September. And now the team is on a world tour. 

When asked about her performance experience on stage, Jennie replied saying: “My attitude and mentality of enjoying the stage. I’m nervous before getting on stage but once I’m there, I focus solely on the performance and know how to enjoy the energy.”.

Jennie also expressed her desire to be recognized as passionate and professional on stage. “At least on stage, I want to show a cool image more than ever, and I work really hard in order to do that. That’s why I think I’d be really happy if people think of these words [when watching me].”

Talking about her upcoming Hollywood debut “The Idol”, she said “I had to adjust to a new environment, and it was an experience I hadn’t come across before throughout my music promotions. In the future, I trust that it will be a huge help for both my life and my music promotions.”

Throughout BLACKPINK’s career, the group has travelled to countries all around the world. Talking about that, Jennie said, “Personally experiencing different cultures in various countries is a lot of help. Now, it’s obviously possible to experience [these cultures] through different medias, but it’s a completely different dimension to feel it personally. When I see diverse things and meet new people, I can feel my fixed ideations slowly breaking down. These experiences are a lot of help when doing creative work.”

As an icon herself, Jennie was asked what she thinks makes someone iconic. “Someone who clearly has their own opinions and thoughts,” she answered. “I think you’d only be able to be called an icon if you had the ability to ask others questions through your own perspective, rather than only share answers that everyone agrees on or stories everyone could like.”

(Photos Source: Elle Korea)

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