Vikrant Rona Review, Rating: Kichcha Sudeep Movie Keeps Audience on The Edge of Their Seats

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Kichcha Sudeep's Vikrant Rona is out in theatres and the first reaction from the audience has been encouraging to say the least. Fans who managed  to catch the first day first day say that Sudeep has nailed the character to the T. Directed by Anup Bhandari, Vikrant Rona stars Kichcha Sudeep in the lead role while Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jaqueline Fernandes are seen in key roles. Both the makers as well as Kichcha fans have pinned huge hopes on Vikrant Rona. Does the movie live up their expctations? Let's find out.

Vikrant Rona Review

There have been hardly any 3D movies in Kannada. And Vikrant Rona joins the list now. The film is huge on VFX not to mention the cinematography. The music by B Ajaneesh Loknath is a huge plus to the movie. The song Ra Ra Rakkamma featuring Bollywood actress Jacqueline on the big screen is whistle worthy and a visual treat to watch. Now, how about the story and performance? Read on...

Anup Bhandari's previous movie was Rangi Taranga which received a lot of praise from the audience as well as critics. Now, Vikrant Rona too seems to be heading in the same direction going by audience reaction in theatres. 

The entry of lead actor Kichcha Sudeep, who plays a cop in Vikrant Rona leaves his fans impressed. It's as if this scene was included to thrill his fans. The first half of Vikrant Rona is funny and keeps enough suspense to keep audience glued to their seats post interval.

The famous Ra Ra Rakkammaa song too has been included in the second half to keep some surprise element for the audience. The grandiose of the sets is a visual feast and must be watched in 3D to be enjoyed. It is very evident that Kichcha Sudeep has worked a lot on himself for this movie. He stands out in every scene and his performance in outstanding. He just gives fans what they have been waiting for all these years after Kotigobba 3 fizzled out at the box office.  The chemistry between Neetha Ashok and Nirup Bhandari works well for the movie. The interval bang is a huge plus and will keep the audience guessing.

Verdict: Vikrant Rona is a one of its kind movie and must watch not only for Kichcha fans but for every movie buff. Put this on your weekend watch list.


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