Varudu Kaavalenu Review, Rating: Naga Shaurya, Ritu Varma Chemistry is the Highlight of the Movie

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Naga Shaurya's much-awaited film 'Varudu Kaavalenu' released in theatres today. The film is getting love from moviebuffs. Yes, the film has opened to positive reviews from audience and fans alike. If you are waiting to read the review before booking your tickets, here you go...

Plot: Akash (Naga Shaurya) and Bhoomi (Ritu Varma) are the name of lead characters in the film. Akash is an NRI architect, while Bhoomi runs an eco-friendly business. Bhoomi is a strict person and shows a lot of attitude. Akash, who gets bored with NRI life, plans to start a new life in India. When he returns home to the Indian soil. How Akash and Bhoomi meet? Why Akash takes up Bhoomi's project? Will Akash be able to work with Bhoomi with her attitude and how he falls in love with her forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Naga Shaurya fan following is going to double after Varudu Kaavalenu. Naga Shaurya looks awesome and he slays the formals look. Ritu Varma yet again delivers a spellbinding performance in the film. Ritu Varma is elegant in every dress right from the beginning till the end. Naga Shaurya and Ritu Varma's pairing was perhaps the director's best decision. Their on-screen chemistry is just awesome. Naga Shauya and Ritu Varma are the show stoppers in the film. Nadhiya, Murali Sharma also do justice to their roles. Meanwhile, Sapthigiri is the savior of the film. Watch the movie to find out why

Analysis: Varudu Kaavalenu is a good subject that is relatable to the current generation. The makers could have executed it better as there were many more points to be highlighted. Through the film, the makers want to deliver a message as to how parents feel the burden of their children's marriage. The whole point of making the film is fine, but not convincing enough. Varudu Kaavalenu dialogues are well written. Music and cinematography are the major highlights of the film. Varudu Kaavalenu visuals are top-notch. Each frame looks rich in the film.

Plus Points:

Naga Shaurya, Ritu Varma performance
Background music


Crisp screenplay

Verdict: Varudu Kaavalenu is a complete family entertainer. It's worth your ticket money and time. Put Varudu Kaavalenu on your watch list this weekend.

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